Quarterly Journal of IICHS, Vol. 15, NO. 60
Quarterly Journal of IICHS, Vol. 15, NO. 60
Caption : Quarterly Journal of IICHS, Vol. 15, NO. 60
Author : IICHS editorial board
Number of Pages : 200
Price : 120,000 Rails
Edition : First
Subject : فصلنامه تاریخ معاصر ایران
Volume : 60

● Articles
On the crest of speech (1): a discussion on the features and services of famous preacher, Hojatoleslam valmoslemin Haj Mohammad Taqi Falsafi / Ali Abolhassani
Press censorship during the Second Pahlavi, a brief report (1953-1979) / Mozaffar Shahedi
Apparent and forthright hostility to Iran and Iranians, Persians and Persian language / Masoud Mojdehi
A report on William Castle / Azita Laghaei
In the last year of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar’s reign / Fatemeh Moezzi
● Interviews
Bitterness and sweetness of services in the Ministry of Culture in an interview with Dr Gholamali Okhravi / interviewed by Morteza Rassoulipour
● Records
Legitimacy crisis (on the view of an official of Pahlavi era) / Jalal Farahmand
Royal exercise (paintings scrapbook of Nasseroddin Shah Qajar in former royal library) /Mohammadreza Behzadi, Nasrin Marjani
● Report
Report on Mission to Russia (1) - Libraries, archives and research institutes in Moscow / Reza Farasati

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